Just Joey

About a decade ago we planted several bare root roses in our garden.  My favorite was a hybrid tea called “Just Joey”  He was the star of the show in  February 2012 when we moved him to a full-sun-spot near the front door. Joey lived and bloomed there for us a couple of seasons and then something went horribly wrong and we lost him. I’ve mourned his passing ever since.

I’ve watched the bare root rose offerings every spring since. There just didn’t seem to be a replacement for my Joey Rose.

So…this spring, since we are remodeling the garden, and putting in several new plants I chose one that reminded me of my Joey.  The picture seemed right. The rose was a bit pricey compared to the others we’ve purchased, but I thought it might be worth it. Especially if it could mimic Joey’s wonderful coloring.

“It can be your Valentine’s gift” D. said. So we brought it home and as we took off the wrapping, guess what!!! On the part of the identification photo that was folded over inside I saw the name of my gift. “Just Joey” !!! Wow!

A Valentine Blessing! Coincidence you’ll say.  Maybe. But D. said, and I choose to believe…

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:3-5
Joseph’s Coat Climber

And while we’re on the subject of roses…We planted a “Joseph’s Coat” climber near one pillar of the pergola. If it lives up to the promises it should be a lovely addition in the garden, too.

Here’s what the package promised: “Joseph’s Coat’, the most strikingly colorful of all climbing roses. Large trusses of medium sized, semi-double 4″ blooms (petals 12+) of cherry-red, overlaid, shaded and blended with gold. They open fully to show rich deep golden centers. A color combination that will catch your eye the minute you enter your garden. An upright continually blooming plant with dark-green glossy foliage. May be grown as a free standing shrub, pillar or climber. Makes a wonderful hedge. Very vigorous and easy to grow in inferior soil.”

Hopefully he will be a blessing as well.

There will be photos. I promise you.

see ya soon