A rosebud set with little willful thorns,

And sweet as English air could make her. 

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

This morning I wanted to share my bouquet of Gemini Roses gracing our breakfast table with you. So lovely. Such a special treat to have Dick bring them fresh from the garden — a treat that will happen almost daily until the heat of mid-summer slows their blooming. The glorious roses that were planted in the early spring are beginning to bless us with their first flowers, too.

The red rose cries “She is near, She is near.”
And the white rose weeps “She is late.”
_Rose Garlands from Tennyson

Although all of our roses, perennials and annuals are great performers outside, many are gathered for lush beautiful bouquets to brighten the cottage with color and wonderful fragrance. From spring through fall and into early winter, hardly a day goes by that Dick and Kai Li don’t return from the garden by greeting me with a joyous, “Mom! Oh Mom!”  Dick holds the flowers of the day behind his back and Kai runs to tell me something special is going to happen. Sometimes the bouquet is huge, like the one above. Other times, when only a few flowers are in bloom, it is tiny. But it is always an offering of LOVE.

I hope your day is filled with roses and ❤ Love ❤, too.

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