kitchen collage

Lunch is ready.

Can’t believe it’s that time already. Mr. Lebsock brought a shopping bag full of tomatoes in from the garden earlier, so I’ve been busy this morning. Plan on some time just sittin’ and readin’ this afternoon

Three o’clock and all’s well, even though my plan to sit and read this afternoon turned into another shopping trip (Kai Li was out of food 😩 and that can NOT happen). Reminds me of this quote: “I plan. God laughs.”

So…today has been a kitchen day here at the Cottage. I’ve already told you about the tomatoes, and the shopping.

I haven’t mentioned the new collage I put together to hang above the stove.

I dashed into the bedding shop next door to the pet food place looking for a neck pillow, not planning on buying anything else, and found the frame…


$5.00 !! Loved it— couldn’t pass it up.

Brought it home and filled it with ‘kitchen’ art. Sorry about the reflection in the photo.

Live every day grateful! Love tomatoes. Laugh at the collage!

see ya soon