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building your Journal

About your Binder

Pick a color you Love

Pick a theme you Love

It’s possible to purchase suitable binders in every price range. I just purchased a cute little number for $3.00 – accessories included! I’ve also priced binder sets in an upscale market for over $100.00.

Do what you love. And what you can afford.

About the Accessories

Make, buy or borrow the items you’ll love to accessorize your Journal.
Above all, make it YOU.

Things you may find indispensable like subject dividers, calendar pages, to-do lists, etc. are readily available at craft stores, office supply places and online.
I found lots of ideas and free printables on Pinterest at https://cz.pinterest.com/explore/mini-binder/
Search e-Bay and Amazon for more amazing ideas.

If you are at all artistic, own a computer and a printer, there are a million ways to personalize your Journal, making the experience even more your very own. It’s going to become your “soul print” – as individual as your fingerprint. And, as time passes you will discover things you can’t do without and things you thought you’d need that are simply unnecessary.

Here are a few of the accessories I use to personalize my Journal. You are welcome to adapt them for your own use.

Post-it-Notes –They are colorful, movable, and inexpensive

  • make perfect dividers
  • can be used as index tabs in both Journal and Bible (after years of use they can still be removed from the pages of my Bible with out visible damage or sticky residue)
  • can be color coordinated with any theme you love

My Journal is divided by
Subjects – Prayer Lists, Goals, Word Studies & Notes
Months – Calendar & Daily Prayer
Important Information – Addresses, Passwords & Ideas

Yours will probably evolve into something completely different, but it’s a place to start, so here are some printable pages to get your Journal started right away.

Remember—Do What YOU Love.

Journal God's Word - copyright Ellen Lebsock 2017

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