Intriguing word. It literally means “to be divided” or “distracted” . . .

The Bible presents us with a perfect illustration of this in the story of Mary and Martha

As they were traveling along, Jesus went into a village. A woman named Martha welcomed him into her home. She had a sister named Mary. Mary sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to him talk. But Martha was upset about all the work she had to do. So she asked, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work all by myself? Tell her to help me.”The Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha! You worry and fuss about a lot of things. There’s only one thing you need.Mary has made the right choice, and that one thing will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:38-42

Take a minute and allow your imagination to look into their little abode. There we find that Martha is distracted, anxious. Jesus is sitting down talking, and Mary is sitting at His feet, enjoying His presence, . . . and His teachings.

But not Martha. She is busy back in the kitchen getting everything ready for a big meal. In good womanly fashion she is making everything match, everything fit, everything come out of the oven at just the right time . . . .

But Jesus wanted her to come and sit down beside her sister and listen. It wasn’t that He didn’t appreciate her efforts. He just wanted her to serve a simple dish so they could make the most of their time together . . . .

Her anxiety was distracting her from more important thing. Jesus said, “Mary has chosen the one thing.” Worry always takes our focus away from the most important thing.

Are you practicing His presence, or has your focus been divided? Are you anxious about the unimportant details or are you making the most of the time you have been given today?

see ya soon