2018 is almost here!

It doesn’t seem possible, does it? Or perhaps time does not fly by for you as rapidly as it does around here.

I don’t honestly understand how it is possible that I’ve been journaling online for the past twenty-two years. nanaellen.com was first published in 1996. That’s 22 years, y’all. And that means that my little cottage dwellers, Suzie and Cedric, have been heading up pages and posts since Suzie was seven and Cedric was two!

Isn’t it wonderful how time stands still in story books?

Lately though, I’ve been spending a lot of time doing various other things and allowing my blog to languish on the back burner. In the coming year my hope, my plan, is to rekindle my passion for certain areas of the Cottage Blog and my cottage life.

I want to spend more time in the kitchen. And in the garden. I want to start another book, or maybe two. I’m excited about the possibilities the new year holds; knowing that’s all they are—possibilities. I think I’ve finally grown up enough to understand that putting a lot of stress on myself, by setting up exacting demands, is a sure way to guarantee the things I want to do will never get done!

So…no New Year Resolutions for me! No lists. No schedules. No hard and fast goals. Just a day by day decision to do the best I can with what I’m given and stop wasting time on nonsense like regret and perfection; guilt and recrimination.

What will I do with my social media pages, my small groups and my volunteer activities? Not sure yet. This much I know; despite being somewhat introverted, I connect with people on an incredibly intimate level and will do whatever it takes to protect the ones I love. I’ve been described as dedicated and meticulous in my work, and find I will often downplay achievements rather than take credit for them. I want to remain a truly supportive person and always look for win-win situations when it comes to outside stuff…like church and Facebook friends. But with maturity (I mentioned having grown up, remember) comes wisdom to say “NO” sometimes; to “pick my battles,” and to absolutely demand the essential “quiet time” with the Lord that keeps me sane and balanced.

Therefore, I say, “Welcome 2018. Let’s see what you have to offer.”

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