It’s been such a long, long time since I’ve actually written a post!

I mean a real, written post. A blog post. For most of the past year my writing has been of the Facebook sort.

Now that my direction has been re-focused to the Blog, I find myself with something akin to ‘writer’s block’ !

Are you kidding me?

To write, the timing is as critical as picking up a pen, or sitting down at the computer. You don’t just force your way into an interesting and engaging post. Even though all of the stuff is rolling around in your head…you may not be able to pull the pieces together to build a coherent message. And if you do what I do, building a message that encourages or motivates or inspires your readers must be coherent.

So…Dear Hearts, please bear with me. I’m a little out of practice. Oh it’s easy-peasy to pull together a group of photos, a few quick quips thrown in with a few hearts and flowers. Saying something worthwhile…maybe not so much. Don’t give up on me, please. I’ll hit my stride again soon.

Until tomorrow then…Love y’all.

One thought on “re writing

  1. Cch Simmons commented on Facebook: “I’m not a writer but I do use my journal. And I agree with this. Once I begin an entry it starts to flow, even if it starts with “not much worth writing about, Lord…”


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