I believe we can all learn to listen to God if we are equipped with the right tools.

The first tool is a regular time and place. Select a slot on your schedule and a corner of your world, and claim it for your “time with God.” Take enough time to say what you want. And enough time for God to say what He wants.

It has been said, “When you talk to God, you are praying; when God talks to you, you are schizophrenic.” Trust me when I tell you God still talks to His children today. And we are NOT schizophrenic.

The second tool is an open Bible. Pray first, asking God to help you understand what you’re reading. As you pray, study the Bible a little at a time. Read until a verse “hits” you. Then stop and write it down, meditating on it until you “get” what Holy Spirit is saying.

The third tool is a LISTENING heart. We know we’re listening when what we read in the Bible is what others see in our lives. If you want to be like Jesus, spend time listening to Him until you receive your lesson for the day—and then apply it.

We tend to think other people excel in prayer. They are the SEAL TEAM 6 of intercession. So…we ask ourselves, “why is it that when I pray the answers seem to take a long time coming, or they never come at all?”

Consider this: when the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray He gave them a prayer…a simple, quotable, repeatable, portable prayer. What if you listened to Him and prayed the same?

Father, you are good.
I need help. Heal me and forgive me.

They need help. Thank you.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Here is my challenge for you: Every day for the next 4 weeks, pray for 4 minutes. Then get ready to hear from God like never before and see His answers miraculously materialize.

Read the Prayer

  • Father, God, I want to know your unseen hand on my shoulder
  • and your inaudible voice in my ear. I want to give you my waking
  • thoughts. I want to give you my waiting thoughts. I want to give you my worrying, fearful thoughts as well as my thankful thoughts. I want to conclude each day as I begin it—talking to you God—and hearing your promises, your plans and your love. Thank you Father that your plan is relationship with me and our relationship will grow as Holy Spirit communicates with my spirit. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen

So he said, “When you pray, say,
Reveal who you are.
Set the world right.
Keep us alive with three square meals.
Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving others.
Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil.”

Luke 11:2-8 The Message (MSG)

One thought on “key #4 to effective prayer

  1. I enjoy the Calming effect you Prayer blog has on my ‘being’ in CHRIST JESUS. Your BLOG is motivating & brings comfort from GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT !


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