clear ‘n cold

The sun has been bright and spring-like all day. For the past couple of days, for that matter. It’s wonderful! Expected high – 69 degrees.  Hooray!  These pics says spring and I’m lovin’ it.  Problem though.  ?? The early morning temp was a frosty…33 degrees.

As we drove to the market we noticed almonds in blossom.  Can the stone fruits be far behind?  Just hoping the frost doesn’t get all those blossoms that are thinking spring, like I am.

We’ve spent the afternoon in the kitchen; beef stock, country sausage and a batch of my favorite Blue Cheese Dressing / Dip.  We also started a Corned Beef.  Tell you how that comes out in ten days. If it tastes as good as I think it will, I’ll share the how to with you.

Gotta run now.  Going to join D in the porch and enjoy the rest of this glorious afternoon.

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