We’ve had an “interesting” couple of days here at the Cottage. This morning Mr. L sent an email to the members of our Home Group (family) that speaks for itself:

Good day, NEW FIRE family.

In our time in the Word today, I had this thought in my mind. Do you remember back quite a ways I challenged you all to set time each day for COMMUNION? Seems that the enemy, in his stupidity, has given us ALL time and the desire to be ever closer with our LORD through Prayer,  the WORD, and through COMMUNION.  Sharing this sacrament during this time of crisis only brings us closer to the LORD and the promises than ever before.

We had an opportunity to be tested…lied to by the enemy on Thursday at 3:35 am. I was awakened with some serious pain in my chest, a tightening and some numbing of my left arm and light headedness.. I started to pray and DECLARE that By HIS stripes I am healed…. The one thing I did not do, and MY biggest mistake, was to tell Ellen of my situation….or these symptoms.

MEN, we NEED to include our partners, the one that GOD placed in our lives as our help mate in times of trial when we, MEN have a tendency to just DO it ourselves.

The next morning, I was still having these symptoms so I confessed them to Ellen and she immediately started to pray and proclaim HIS healing. We took COMMUNION and took a COMBINED stand against these symptoms…LIES.

Today, PRAISE GOD, I know and the enemy knows, that NO MATTER WHAT , this house stands AGAINST the lies and deceptions of the one that JESUS defeated on the CROSS and the EMPTY TOMB. I am telling you all of this to remind you that YOU have the power, IN JESUS, to command the enemy and claim the WORD of GOD as your protection against this nasty virus because of the BLOOD LINE covering ALL believers.

I can only wish that we could be meeting in person to share and pray together and to take COMMUNION as the BODY of CHRIST. Since that is not allowed FOR NOW, I ask only that ALL of you take that time together and bind the enemy and remind him through the sacraments that JESUS IS LORD and HIS WORD is TRUE.

Blessings to you all and SHALOM ALEICHEM* in ALL its full meaning.



Shalom aleichem (/ʃəˌlɒm əˈleɪxəm, ˌʃoʊləm-/; Hebrew: שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם shālôm ʻalêḵem) Hebrew pronunciation: [ʃaˈlom ʕaˈleχem] is a spoken greeting in Hebrew, meaning “peace be upon you.” The appropriate response is aleichem shalom (“unto you peace”) (Hebrew: עֲלֵיכֶם שָׁלוֹם).

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