I spent the day yesterday moving “The Sparrow’s Home” cosmetic stuff out of the trunk it has lived in since we moved into the Cottage in ’96. All that’s left of it now resides in one drawer in the studio!

The trunk–which I love–has been re-purposed to hold everything I would need to sew! That’s something I have not done since we moved, mostly because all the stuff that once lived in my sewing room has been scattered around in various drawers, boxes, etc. for all that time.

Now, I can just grab the “sewing trunk” and the sewing machine, set up the card table and SEW. Good for me!

As the process progressed I told D that going through “The Sparrow’s Home” stuff was awfully painful. That’s because when the catalog company we started in the late 80s all fell apart, somehow I lost me.

This move may just have been a much needed healing project. Good for me!

2 thoughts on “painful loss

  1. Nancy Gaebe commented on Facebook: Take heart. What you love, what you remember, what you enjoy can’t be taken away of you. And when things are taken from us God replaces it with new, fresh ideas, feelings, and a rejuvenated life starts over. You have a do-over opportunity to recreate. You are loved and appreciated. 💕


    1. Nancy 💕 Thank you for your encouraging thoughts. God did replace one career I loved with another, my web design business. I stubbornly held on to the remnants of the old until this week. Lesson learned…deal with today and leave yesterday in the


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