As we move into November 2020 I want to share a bit about were I’ve been since mid-August.

I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been drawing. I haven’t been doing much of anything actually.

“Why?” you may ask.

Well…to be perfectly honest with you…I’ve felt the need to isolate the Cottage from the “dirt storm” that I could see approaching on the horizon.

When I was a young girl we lived out in the rural plains of south-eastern Colorado. It was not unusual to see a sand storm, rolling toward us on the horizon; brown, threatening and at my age, scary. Often, before we could get inside and close up the place, it was impossible to see across the street. I can vividly recall, hours later, when the storm had passed the foot-square floor tiles (yellow and lime green, ugly) were covered with enough dirt to blot out the pattern two or three rows back from the windows of the café my parents operated at the time. The only way to avoid the mess was to hurriedly wet sheets and blankets, tack them up over the windows and door and wait out the storm.

Back in early fall this year I looked around at the news, my social media, and all the negatives we were/are being bombarded with…and I knew! We’re in the middle of a “dirt storm.” The whole thing–the pandemic, the politics, the enemy’s high-holy holiday coming October 31st and last but not least, the division of everything we once held sacred–had become overwhelming. For me, it was time to tack up some wet blankets, cry out to The Lord and wait out the storm.

Today, November 1st, I can tell you honestly, the worst has past. Jesus stills the storm. (Mark 4:39) I don’t believe the mess will be cleaned up for a while, but I do believe God has a plan (Jeremiah 29:11). I also believe we–Christians, each and every one of us–have been given an opportunity to isolate in our personal space, put up some wet blankets to filter out the “dirt” and deepen our intimate relationship with God, with His Son, and with His Word.

In the natural, a dirt storm carries tangible reasons for caution, wisdom and preparation. In the spiritual, a dirt storm brings something much more threatening. (John 10:10) But, God Almighty is a safe hiding place, and He wins in the end. So…taking down the blankets here, washing away the dirt, and opening things up again.

I pray that you too, Dear Hearts, have a sense that the worst is past; that God has a plan, and that His promises of Love, Peace, and Joy are yours for the asking. And…if you are still uncomfortable with the storm around us, let us know. We’ll be happy to join you in prayer.

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