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In July of 2021 I started a Journal entry entitled “The Plan Going Forward.” The entries, collected from a variety of sources finally came together this morning when I found a poem that is, apparently, the last word. Here it is, as it was given to me.

If you find something here that speaks to you, please share.

The Plan Going Forward

SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY [December 2, 2021]

“Somewhere along the way, the world split you in two.
And you keep one half tucked away from eyes that may judge.
The other half is presented every day like a mannequin, a puppet, a pawn.
Going through the motions.
And somewhere along the way you decided that this half of you was the one the world wanted.
Maybe because the other half seemed to incite a reaction in others that you feared.
Well, now you are strong enough little one.
And wise enough to know that what you see is not disapproval in those eyes, it’s awe, envy, admiration – all in disguise.
Let the other side of you out.
She is the one who will take your journey to the final destination,
she is the compass your soul needs,
she is your North Star,
she’s your wild.
Without her you are simply surviving,
now it’s time to live.
Somewhere along the way, the world split you in two.
Let’s put you back together again.” _Donna Ashworth

1 thought on “going forward”

  1. I think this encapsulates each of us, Ellen! I know it resonates deeply within me! Thank you for sharing it. It gives me such freedom! Love you.


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