inspirational thoughts

seasoned with salt

Conduct yourself with wisdom in your interactions with outsiders (non-believers), make the most of each opportunity [treating it as something precious]. Let your speech at all times be gracious and pleasant, seasoned with salt, so that you will know how to answer each one [who questions you].

Colossians 4:5-6 Amplified Bible

Imagine yourself setting out ingredients for baking cookies.

The art of seasoning is a matter of balance, both in baking and in witnessing about your relationship with Christ. Salt creates a thirst, a desire for more. Balance means using just enough salt to enhance the flavor, but not enough to over-whelm the senses.

What if you mistakenly mixed up the salt and sugar. Instead of a cup of sugar you added a cup of salt! Now — imagine a little child biting into one of your cookies. How long do you think it will take that little one to realize something is very, very wrong? Do you think they’ll want a second cookie?

As Christians we sprinkle the salt of God’s grace and love into our daily conversations. Wisdom tells us, don’t saturate every conversation with so much salt it will drive non-believers away. The artful seasoning of God’s loving grace into our talk will create a thirst, a desire in the lives of others.

Let us always create a thirst to know more of Jesus.

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