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working on it !

You probably haven’t noticed. But, Contentment Cottage has been silent since January 2023.

It has taken me six months, and then some – as there were only sixty plus posts in 2022, to make up my mind if it was to be continued after June 1, when the domain expires.

Turns out – It IS !

So… I’m working on getting it back in presentable order. A new and simpler design, fewer categories, tags and menu items (all listed below the daily posts – there are currently over 700 of ’em) and many other fixes and corrections. You probably won’t notice 99% of them, but it all takes time.

I invite you to look around the new and improved blog. You may find something that interests you. The posts date back to the late 1990’s and while a lot has changed over the years most of it is still relevant.

Please follow, like, share and comment on the posts here because the Fb page is no longer active. Thanks, e

1 thought on “working on it !”

  1. I am so happy you’re staying active. O, how I’ve missed your posts! Love you so much, dear Ellen!


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