Today, as I’ve already told you, was cold and gray.  The wind blew the entire day.  I do NOT like wind. Thank goodness we don’t get much wind out here in California.

So…I spent the early part of the day taking the bed apart, washing all the bedding and refreshing the bedroom.  I guess that counts as a start on “spring cleaning.” Does it count if the windows still have to be washed inside and out?  Hummm…? Auntie would probably say, “not yet.”  Oh well.  It’s fresh and comfy.  That was the goal.

About mid-afternoon the question became, “What’s gonna make a warm, cozy dinner on this blustery March day?”

Asking D. was a bit of a set-up.  He made cabbage rolls and German sausage for the freezer last month.  Asking him what sounds like comfort food is almost guaranteed to get “German food” as an answer. And all we really needed was a batch of noodles.

Noodles? Pasta?   Tomato – tomahto!  Eggs, flour and salt. rolled very thin, allowed to dry a bit and fed through Grandma Lebsock’s 75 year old pasta machine.  So simple and so satisfying.

Dinner was great.  The kitchen is de-floured. {evil grin} And my bed awaits.

Nighty night.
see ya soon


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  1. At last, smeoone who gets to the heart of it all. Nothing…nothing like homemade pasta. You go Nana!


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