Day: March 12, 2012

e-Book completed

This week  marks the completion of a project I’ve been working on since last November.  My second inspirational e-book, How To USE Your Bible, is online in PDF format – ready to be downloaded.  At last! What a wild ride it has been! Last summer we began attending a small community church in our neighborhood.  We went…

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Today, as I’ve already told you, was cold and gray.  The wind blew the entire day.  I do NOT like wind. Thank goodness we don’t get much wind out here in California. So…I spent the early part of the day taking the bed apart, washing all the bedding and refreshing the bedroom.  I guess that…

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winter’s back !

We spent yesterday in the garden. The sun was warm – 70 plus – and it was spring.  Planted some marigolds. Moved the Meyer Lemon, the Lime and four miniature roses.  The citrus are in BIG pots – no small feat to move ‘em.  Pulled the lemon out of its pot, moved the pot to…

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