This week we turned the studio into a tee-shirt factory.  First we gathered up supplies: a dozen white 100% cotton tees from Costco, a colorful selection of permanent markers, some fabric dyes and some interesting graphics.  Next I dug out the sewing stuff and transformed my drawing board into a sewing room. After the tees were washed and dryed the process could begin.

The shirts D will wear don’t need any alterations, but mine need a much more feminine style; shorter sleeves, shorter shirt-tail, and softer neckline. Once they’re altered to my satisfaction, I turn ’em over to D for decoration. He chooses the image, dyes the fabric if white isn’t the perfect background color and starts to draw.

Using the overhead projector, he transfers a graphic to fabric with a black permanent marker.

This beauty is ‘shrooms and a snail, drawn in black on a soft tan shirt.

I LOVE it!  Thanks D.

see ya soon