The end of April!

Already? Where does the time go?

Our garden and yard are exceptional right now.  At least we think so…

These two baskets of Inpatients are flashing color all over the place.  Even though they live under the eve of the back patio, their riotous good looks can be seen by anyone driving down the lane. Gotta love the cheerful greeting they send.

This morning I gathered a nice basket-full of lettuce, green onions and radish sprouts for tonight’s salad. Yummy, if all too brief a pleasure.  The lettuces will bolt as soon as the day-time temps begin to climb, and we are promised 88 tomorrow and Wednesday.  Like so many things in life, grab the pleasure while you can.

The pole beans and tomatoes (upper right corner of this square) will last a bit longer. The four-square beds are more about gardening FUN, than actual
produce production, but as part of our many faceted gardening hobby, they sure are fun.


In the other front square, my herbs are doing great.  The sage has been harvested.  The French Lavender is next.  I’ve got plans for a couple of dried herb bunches as soon as that happens.



When we’re asked how it’s possible to cram so many plants into such a small space, my answer is, four-square beds and containers.”

With careful space planning, prudent plant selection and perennials aplenty it’s possible to have a full fledged garden on a very tiny scale.  Our wedge shaped lot is only 110 feet long by 40 feet deep in front widening out to 72 feet behind the pond. Not exactly an acreage, I’ll grant you, but enough for us.  Any more and all we’d get done is garden.  But… like I said before, it’s exceptional right now.

Just ask anyone who lives down our lane.
see ya soon


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  1. I would love to take a walk in your garden! Looks like things are coming along beautifully. Have I ever seen a picture of your pond? If so, I don’t remember it .. would love to see it. 🙂


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