The sun is pouring into the porch, lighting the old red Cattleyas and brightening my day. This is one of three huge plants, all children and grandchildren of the original orchid that survived our move to California in 1981.  It is SO hardy it’s difficult to believe!

This winter it lived in the porch…last winter it lived in the space between the outdoor rooms and still it thrived. Don’t ever think orchids are difficult and temperamental to grow.  Taint so!

Cattleyas are what most people think of when they hear the word orchid. Producing large and fragrant flowers with vibrant colors that are commonly used in corsages, Cattleyas are a popular choice for beginners and experts alike. These plants are very sturdy and can take a lot of abuse from those who tend to forget to water. They are also tolerant of several temperature ranges. Miniature Cattleyas are also available, which are great for those with limited space. Thanks Orchid Web.

And, just to prove it’s not hard to grow orchids, every so often when the greenhouse begins to overflow D will offer some of his “kikis” (that’s baby orchids according to our Hawaiian friend Jimmi) to a passing neighbor, then spend an hour telling them how easy it really is to get results.

Ha!  What  D doesn’t seem to understand is – not every one has such a green thumb they can toss a cherry seed off the patio and have a tree sprout in the garden the next season.  Guess his green thumb results aren’t too difficult to see, when our garden photos are readily visible HERE.

see ya soon