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The past couple of days have been spent finishing up a ‘book’ of the Easter Week serial I posted back in April.

If you didn’t catch the series during Holy Week, you can download it now in PDF format. If you missed any of the ‘books’ I’ve posted, they are all together on z….wait for it…. books page!

Once more I must remind myself why I’m posting the stuff I write online… Years ago, when writing first became a priority for me I made a commitment to put everything into God’s hands and give him  total control over it.

The deal (covenant) was, I would listen and then write down what I was given, publish it in any format available to me, and allow him to determine who looked at it, and who did not.

Let me just say, it hasn’t always been easy.

The me in me wants to watch the stats to see how many hits the stuff I post receives.  Admittedly, I peek once in a while.

It’s always a mistake.

When there are lots of hits, for instance close to Easter or Christmas, I’m elated and excited about what I post.  When there are almost no hits, like during the spring and summer, I get discouraged and question the validity of spending the time and energy required to keep everything updated.  When I peek, it’s so much harder to produce new material, even though I know God’s in charge.  I have to remind myself …

If even one is touched by what I write..

If even one is influenced for Christ…

It is enough!

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