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summer by the sea

Oh summer!  It’s so-o-o-o hot here in The Valley.

In Summer we long to be near the restless sea. So we’re on our way to the coast!

Albert Einstein once said, “Logic will get you from A to B. But imagination will take you anywhere.”

So, we’re going to the coast—in our imagination—and you’re invited to tag along.

In seaside communities along the Central Coast of California, carefully named cottages, sporting welcoming plaques are a summer tradition so our Home Page has been updated to reflect said tradition.  The Contentment Cottage Blog will celebrate all things summer and coastal for the next month or so.

Please remember, holiday pleasures are best viewed through a child’s eye.  That means everything here will be light, and bright and breezy. No schedules. No deadlines.

We’ll begin each day with a solitary walk along the shore; the sand cooling our feet, the crisp air brushing our faces, as the song of the shore and the cry of the little sea-chickens hunting for breakfast in the tide foam casts a spell of peace and calm.

We’ll hunt for shells along the high-tide line; collecting polished stones and sea-glass, too. We’ll relax, relax, relax as the salty wind drives away cares and awakens our senses.

In the afternoons we’ll nap, or read.  In the evening we’ll gorge ourselves on the catch of the day, fresh from the boats along the embarcadero.  And, in the golden light of sunset, when even the ocean is lulled into tranquility, we’ll listen to Chopin or Vivaldi and dream of tomorrow’s promise.

Don’t expect too much from us for the next little while…summer at the coast is all about leisure and lovely times together.