three cheers

July is not known for its subtlety.

The sun and sky are at their brightest, the sea beckons us as in no other month, and a rousing march—not a minuet—is the music of the season. “The Stars and Stripes Forever;’ the song of summer…we tap our feet as we sit under the trees or on the village green on a sultry evening, children playing merrily at our feet.

America was born on a July day and each year I say “three cheers” for such a spirited time, for a month of picnics with corn on the cob and other family traditions…” __Nancy Lindmeyer

Happy July everyone!

We’ll be taking a little road trip this month…not exactly certain when…and there are Fire Works expected!!!  Please join us in praying that God’s perfect will is done as we move forward.



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