It’s August. Can Autumn be far behind?

Days are getting shorter. Evening shadows are long across the lane by six o’clock.

 Golden oak leaves are piling up in drifts along the fence line.

The meadow across the creek is dry and dead,
with heat shimmers floating up toward the afternoon sky.
Occasionally a fast moving mini-whirlwind, a dirt devil,
twists its way across the golden grass,
tossing dust and debris high into the air
before dwindling away at the edge of the dry creek bed.

And, early mornings are cool,
with a shadow of autumn haze lying against the foothills,
just visible at the end of our lane.

The end-of-summer garden is bursting with goodness.
Tomatoes, peppers, herbs,
and, of course, Kai Li.

Welcome August! Welcome shorter days and cooler nights.
Welcome, welcome autumn roses. Welcome contentment and peace.