August offers pleasures aplenty—

It is the loveliness of little things that gives LIFE to living! I cherish the little things: our end-of-summer garden; planning a new autumn look for the living room – then shopping for comfortable new chairs to complete it; lunching with a friend and pouring out my honest emotions – knowing she will understand and never judge wrongly; walking along the dry creek bank – finding inspiration for watercolor studies of late summer beauty, and so on and so on.

Yesterday over on The Art of Doing Things  I read  “I…at this particular time, do NOT want to be reminded fall is coming. Too soon.  Toooo soon. I always have a really bad reaction whenever I see the first back to school commercials. It can manifest in a variety of ways from chronic acid re-flux to punching the first person I see. In the throat.”

I read that to D, and he responded “Exactly!”

Well, that’s what 20  years in a classroom full of seventh graders will get you.

Me?  I look forward to August and September and fall and winter with anticipation and joy. This is my favorite time of the year.

One of the things I’ll be enjoying this fall is preparing posts for the CCB  “31 Quite Days” project.  Yesterday I opened a box of old manuscripts and dug out some memories of God’s abundant grace and love in our life.  Wow!  Some blessings we’d forgotten the exact  details of can still cause a catch in the throat and easy tears.  God is SO amazing, so loving, and so-o-o-o kind.  It’s small wonder D and I are SO intense about what we share.

Last night we were talking about that…what we share with others…how intense we are. We came to the conclusion that everything we tell others about what God has done for us, is to encourage them and equip them to live a victorious life  in Christ.  And, we also came to the conclusion that we wouldn’t change a single thing, even though some people don’t understand us at all.

Thank God HE understands us, and knows what is best for us at ALL times.

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