Yesterday, October 22, 2012, we had the day off from our new work. We’ve been ‘on’ for seven straight days—a huge blessing—that I haven’t had time to write about. Stay tuned…I will. It was a day for catching up. Washing—the clothes hamper was overflowing. Shopping—the cupboards were bare. Reading—my Inbox was full. Etc. etc. etc.

So…after breakfast we headed out with a plan: Petco to by Kai Li food, Costco for milk and eggs, and the grocery store for staples like bread, coffee and so forth.

With the Kai Li shopping out of the way, we headed for Costco with plans to beat the crowds. Okay so far.

We worked our way through the list, avoiding almost every impulse item offered. Costco is always an interesting journey. Nothing is ever exactly where it was the last time. Oh I understand the marketing strategy. I just think it’s a huge time waster, and with a jam packed Monday morning plan of attack, time is of the essence.

When we arrived at the check-out the lines were still reasonable; still moving. As I swiped our debit card through the machine, someone walked down the aisle telling each cashier, “No debit! The debits are down!.”

Our items were all checked through. The register spit out a receipt. No problem. The cashier couldn’t believe it. He double checked with two neighboring checkers. “Yes it cleared.”

Now they were being told “No debit OR credit cards. We’re all down.”

As we left the building all of the carts from ALL of the registers were forming a single file line at the Customer Service desk. When we drove out of the parking lot the gas pumping area was chained off and lines of cars were already forming back out to the street.

We came home and put away our stuff and got ready for lunch.

Thank you Lord! Thank you for the blessing. To others it may seem quite a small thing. To us—hours redeemed, frustration averted, stress eliminated.

Blessing acknowledged and accepted. Thank you Lord.