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we’re havin’ a heat wave

Chickadees on poppyToday is HOT!

Tomorrow and the next day promise to be even hotter!

In fact the weather forecast says we’re having a “heat wave” with temps expected to break records  for at  least the next week.

Gotta tell you…I’m not looking forward to that!

It’s a good thing our porch/studio is cool and comfortable. Between the shade over the west side of the cottage and a new, bigger swamp cooler we’re staying right at 77° F.

It’s 105° outside right now! Enlarge the image to see our cool spot.

June 29. 105 Heat Wave

Local Summer joke: “You might be from Tulare County if you know a swamp cooler isn’t a ‘happy hour’ drink.

So…anyway…we’ll just stay in the porch with our paints and take it easy for the next few days.

the studio is cool


D building a Merc.

Hope you’re finding a way to stay comfortable this HOT summer weekend.




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  1. Oh boy – this hot, hot summer has me down. I’m going to try your recipe for staying cool. And staying cool. 😉 Way to go e.


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