If you’re a regular visitor here at Contentment Cottage you already know that we live in a small space: living room, kitchen, library/office, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and a front porch that serves as studio, sewing room, craft space, and music room.  All in all about 750 square feet of house and 500 square feet of porch.

The cottage is surrounded by a large and varied garden space suitable for outdoor living in all but the coldest California months of winter – late December to early February most years.

We are typical contemporary Americans, embracing technology on the one hand and on the other retreating into our cozy garden and home. This is where we retreat from a harsh and ever darkening world. Although our home is not the “perfect American dream” of today’s younger generation we share a love for rich colors, layers of textures and depth of detail.

Late last fall I found the perfect finishing touch for the peninsula between the living room and kitchen–a stack of glass shelves to show off my collection of vintage cobalt glassware.

This sparkling stack of glass add just the touch I’ve been looking for and gives me space to display some of my seasonal treasures that have needfully remained packed away since we moved to our small home.

When it comes to our decorating style…well, we adhere to this principle:

Fashions Fade. Style IS eternal.

So…when stainless steel and granite, stark white everything, and dark hardwood have gone the way of “shabby chic,” comfort and color will be stylish again. And, so will our small home.

see ya soon