Our grandmothers lived with a passion for quality and individuality, and they filled their world with caring. They have become our teachers; they help us awake to the beauty around us.” _Nancy Lindemeyer

With 359 days still ahead in 2014 I’m looking forward to this New Year. There are so many things I would like to do this year; so many projects and ideas to explore.

  • We’ve talked about a complete remodel in the garden.

garden in spring

Over the past couple of summers it has become quite overgrown, and this winter we’ve had more freezing nights than usual. All in all our garden is a mess. So…spring brings a major project.

  • There’s a cookbook rumbling around in my head.

Cookbook Cover

Of course, I can’t use this cover, even though I love it. The photo is one I captured from facebook and belongs to another artist…copyright, etc ♥. But something will show up when the time is right.

  • There’s still a huge box of clippings setting on my drawing table waiting for me to translate them into watercolor.  I’ve been collecting for years, and threatening to paint. So far, threatening is as far as I’ve gotten, what with one thing and another.  This spring…I hope!possible with God

So…that means Happy Days to come. Busy, productive, days filled with quality and imagination and individuality. Caring, sharing days are always better than dreary, depressing days. My Auntie would say, “Happy days or sad days…it’s all a matter of choice.”

Hope your next 359 days are Happy too.

see ya soon