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welcome summer

 Love conquers all

Gemini Rose Bouquet

June has arrived in our garden. Summer follows quickly on her heels.

Yesterday I awoke later than usual, and found the most beautiful bouquet waiting for me on the counter. This is what happens when someone loves you unconditionally.

Rose Bouquet - June 2014
Love from D’s Garden
Garden Party Rose
Peace Rose – peace

Even though I’d been miserable and grouchy ever since taking a sinus pill before bed on Sunday night—sleeping away most of Monday—Love greeted me on Tuesday morning with sweet beauty. Thank you D for loving me, putting up with me and proving it in So.o.o.o many ways.

Late in the afternoon I asked for some pictures of my Lovely flowers from our garden before they begin to fade.  Aren’t they wonderful? He’s a super photographer, too.

Hopefully you have someone in your life who brings you love, even when you’re not particularly lovable.

see ya soon

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