so.o.o here I am fourteen days into 2015 and writing the first post of the year.

The best laid plans….

The first seven days of 2015 were cold (exceptionally so for our part of the world) and damp. I spent a huge amount of time sleeping off the effects of  something… ? allergy? bug? imagination ??? All I can tell you for certain is that I was way too miserable to write. Or do anything thoughtful. Or creative.

The past seven days have been foggy (visibility under 1/4 of a mile in the early mornings) and I’ve spent them playing catch up. Mostly reclaiming the fort in the aftermath of ??? Well, you get the idea.

When there was an opportunity to look at the computer I spent the time doing another redesign of “the cottage” It’s all new and different again.  I like it. I think. At least for now. But to be honest there have been many, many do overs around here and every time I re-do it, I like it…for awhile. Oh, and by the way, I usually remodel my online presence right after I go through the mental exercise of deciding  “should I close it down and quit altogether”  Did that between naps, while zonked out on antihistamines during the first week. Over it now. Thus the new look. The progress should. therefore, last a few months at least.

As far as any other progress toward meeting my goals for 2015 are concerned? Nada!

Zip! ZERO!

Oh, I had good intentions. We all  know which road those pave don’t we?

That’s the exact reason I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. No resolutions, no guilt trips. No guilt trips, no mind-numbing bouts of self-doubt. It’s really hard to stay motivated, and  positive and all when that junk is allowed to creep in.

I’ve been collecting images from social media to use for inspiration when I do finally get back to painting and writing again. One such collected image says:

“If there is something that doesn’t make sense in your life today, a question that plagues you about the journey you are on or the one that you have had to let go, the best way you can show God your trust in Him is to be okay with the not knowing.”

_Amber Mills Lia

I’ll be adding it to my list of goals for the next 11.5 months, under the tag “Moving forward.”

see ya soon

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    1. I know what you mean, Glenda. When I finally got around to making a grocery list it simply said “everything.” I know D. was relieved. Glad you’re feeling better now, too.


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