Today has been so.o.o foggy and gray. Oh, and cold, too. The only thing I felt like doing was tweaking on the coding for “The Cottage Blog” It’s nice and warm sitting here next to the register under my desk. It’s way too cold to sit in the sun porch and draw or paint.

Little things here and there about the coding  have been bugging me for the past few days. That’s what I get for being such a perfectionist. Every jot, tittle and pixel has to be the way I want it or I can’t leave it alone.

Most of today was spent remodeling the kitchen page…adding links and images from previous posts and old pages. Gotta say…there’s some really yummy stuff in those recipes. It was surprising how many of our favorites have been photographed and posted. Even more surprising is how many things from the old recipe pages have not been photographed for “The Cottage.”  That give me another goal for the coming months…cook, photograph, and post stuff.

It was also surprising how many of the things that are posted here are things D. cooks. He’s an excellent chef, with lots more imagination that I’m able to allow myself. Once in a great while he’ll ad-lib on a recipe and it will flop, but 99% of the time…excellent. And for me, stuff always tastes better when he cooks.

Lately we’ve been planning meals together, intentionally picking things he wants to prepare one or two nights a week. That plan suits me down to the ground…and we don’t spend nearly as much money eating out as we once did. Honestly, I guess part of that is from necessity. With pot roast at $4.98 a pound, you can just imagine what going out for steak would set us back. And…unfortunately…there are no guarantees when it comes to restaurant food. Quality control doesn’t seem to be a high priority in local eateries.

But, I digress…. Totally got off topic here.  Back to the coding headaches.

Years ago (starting back in 1996) when I first taught myself web site building the coding language was fairly straight-forward and my brain was a lot more flexible. My memory was sharper, too. No one even dreamed of surfing the web on an iPhone or iPad or wrist unit, so making a web space look presentable was all about knowing the language and the way Firefox differed from Internet Explorer.  Today…that is so NOT the case.
All I can say is thank goodness for Word Press! And CSS. And google fonts.

Even with all the cool tools available, sometimes it’s still frustrating to get things precisely the way I want ’em. D. wonders why I get snarly when I’m working on the coding. …for the same reason I get snarly when I’m sewing and have just ripped a seam out for the third time and it still won’t lie flat. …or when I’m reading and I’ve just been interrupted again and read the same paragraph over for the third time.  We won’t even talk about the headache I get when I’m trying to write and everybody needs something this minute.

Guess it’s safe to say I get cranky when I can’t make things work out perfectly and precisely.

Well…there’s another goal for this season. Watch the attitude!

Anyway, D’s in the kitchen fixing dinner

and the “author credits” in my posts finally appear in small letters. Time to put it away for today, take an aspirin and enjoy our evening.

see ya soon