odds n' ends

foggy Friday

fog to the right of me

After the rainy weather earlier this week, we have what we usually have in Tulare County in January. Fog. Thick, damp, fog. At six o’clock when I opened the office shades viability was down to about 25 feet—couldn’t see the other side of the lane! Now, at 11:11 am it has lifted just a bit and I can see about half the width of the meadow.

Fog makes for the perfect excuse to stay inside, warm and cozy. It also makes me thankful for retirement. Nobody has to drive 45 minutes into the mountains to school, or 15 minutes across town to work. Being Colorado kids, we’d really rather drive in a snow storm than in the thick white blanket of fog.

Winter in our neighborhood

At least there is a bright spot in the studio…three miniature roses we found at the supermarket when we went shopping for our New Year’s Eve champagne.

Parade Roses – Jan 2016

Hope you can find a bright spot in your Friday, too.

see ya soon