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a new garden path

believeInTomorrowThis week has been a roller-coaster of rain and dry, cool and warm. Today was sunny and just above 60°. I’ve always said our valley Holiday Season is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Super Bowl and SPRING! They all run together and they come fast.

When the temperatures start to reach into the 60’s you know the spring gardening can’t be far behind.

Just after Thanksgiving we sat down together and made a list of things we wanted to do in the garden before spring arrives in full force.

11.29.15 Ideas for spring garden

* move ginger & cannas to the front of the house, line edge w/ lamb’s ears.
* take up St. John’s wort, save some in a container, replace w/herbs
* trim bay laurel tree to clean trunk & standard shape
* remove square of tiles & build 2′ wide path from gate to patio
* form two beds, one on either side of the path
* plant tomatoes in pots at 4 corners
* use poles for vine plants like cucumbers and gourds arched above garden beds.


Today the path is about a third finished. D lifted and placed the brick from the center of the old four-square arrangement as his strength and the weather allowed. Now we need to go shopping for lumber to form new raised vegetable beds, about a truck load of garden soil, and enough 12 x 12 bricks to finish the path out to the gate.

The weatherman is telling us there will be rain off and on all of the coming week, so…it’s hard to tell what progress will be made on this project. But knowing my sweetheart, it will get finished long before the threat of frost has past and tomatoes can be planted. Ya gotta love his determination and talent.

I’ll keep you posted on how it comes along.

see ya soon