Month: April 2016

what do you see

Do you see what I see? In A World of My Own Cats and rabbitsWould reside in fancy little houses And be dressed in shoes and hats and trousersIn a world of my own All the flowersWould have very extra-special powers They would sit and talk to me for hours When I’m lonely in a…

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a rose garland

A rosebud set with little willful thorns, And sweet as English air could make her.Β  Alfred, Lord Tennyson This morning I wanted to share my bouquet of Gemini Roses gracing our breakfast table with you. So lovely. Such a special treat to have Dick bring them fresh from the garden — a treat that will happen almost…

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how our garden grows

Spring is so unpredictable! Yesterday was a sunny 89Β° and today it is 65Β° and mostly cloudy with rain in the forecast. Spring brings such amazing wonders to our garden. Here are a few shots from the past week. Enjoy them quickly. Next week will be altogether different. The poppies and pansies will fade with…


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can’t do it

  love πŸ’• is: quiet time with my Lord Jesus receiving God’s Love finding inspiration in The Word understanding The Word  anytime with my lover and best friend our home and garden our fur babies And…blogging. That’s what this post is really about. my blog πŸ’• Lately I’ve been feeling as though there is wa.a.a.ay too much time spent…

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