love ๐Ÿ’• is:

  1. quiet time with my Lord Jesus
    1. receiving God’s Love
    2. finding inspiration in The Word
    3. understanding The Word 
  2. anytime with my lover and best friend
  3. our home and garden
  4. our fur babies
  5. And…blogging.

That’s what this post is really about.

my blog ๐Ÿ’•

Lately I’ve been feeling as though there is wa.a.a.ay too much time spent sitting at the computer. Plus, the renewal for two domains ( and come due in 60 days.

Often, when I’m feeling there’s too much time and / or money going into something, no matter how much I love it, my solution is to over-correct. Typically I fail to make small incremental corrections and simply do a 180ยฐ about face, run away and hide.  It comes because a broken little girl emerges in moments of self-imposed stress.

Thing is, even though we’ve talked about going off the grid to save money, and I’ve condemned myself because there really aren’t that many hits on my blog, and nobody would notice anyway…there’s the broken little girl again.. I can’t do it!

I love this blog. It precious to me and a huge part of who I am. Cutting it off to save the price of a couple of restaurant dinners would be like–as my mother used to say–“cutting off my nose to spite my face.” so…

Nope! Can’t do it.

I’ll just keep plugging away showing anyone who cares to look the wonders from our garden

The treats from our kitchen,

our fur babies

and whatever else pops into my brain.

That settles that.

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