This has been an Art day here… been making bookmarks.  I know, I know—iPhone and iPad not books. Books are [ugh] old fashioned. Never mind…I’ll share my project with you anyway.

First print out the five scans of my original watercolor paintings.

Next, choose five beautiful craft papers to stiffen them. Carefully cut out the paintings, glue on the backings, laminate them, punch a hole and thread a gold cord tied into a tassel.

I love books. The feel of the pages. The smell of the leather and paper. And when I’m reading I want a beautiful marker for my place. Never, never dog-ear a corner of one of my books to mark you page. That means big trouble. Trust me.

You’re welcome to print out the scanned paintings and try the project yourself.  Just respect my copyright, please.

I hope your day was filled with grace and peace. Mine certainly was.

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Phil. 4.12-13
Contentment is not about getting what you want. Contentment is about wanting what you have. Grace & Peace 🕊

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