meet Broomhilda


broomhilda-fi Now, before you jump to any hasty
conclusions . . .

Broomhilda is NOT a w____,
a uhhh ? ? .
. . nasty old lady.

While it is true that her Mondays
are spent boiling
her laundry in a large cast iron
She is NOT brewing up a sp____,
an  ahhhh ? ?
. . . ugly surprise for some unsuspecting neighbor.
She just has the cleanest laundry
in the neighborhood, that’s all !

Yes, she is often accompanied
by a small, blackish kitten;
called “Licorice”.
But, Licorice is NOT familiar
with anything
more ominous than a saucer of milk!

On Tuesdays, when Broomhilda
sweeps her cabin,
it’s true she uses a very stout
But Broomhilda’s broom can NOT
fl_, . . . er. ? ahhhh. .?
. . . clean by itself.
With her stout broom she carefully
dusts away every cobweb,
and shoos any creepy spiders back
to the woods
where they belong.
she is finished, her cabin is sunny and bright;
a right cheerful place to visit.

If her wardrobe is a little worn
around the edges,
it’s only due to her very frugal
It demands she continue to wear
her perfectly good black velvet coat
even though it is now slightly
green with age.
Her hat, is more than a little
out of style, too.
Her neighbors sneer and call her
a “second-hand rose!”
But Broomhilda doesn’t seem to
The money she’s saved by wearing
the old coat and hat
for several seasons past their
has allowed her to buy a pair of
brand new RED Tennys !!

Broomhilda’s new red shoes are
the most beautiful things she’s ever owned.
She wears them on Monday to wash,

on Tuesday to clean,
on Wednesday to market,

on Thursday to bake,
on Friday to garden,
on Saturday to visit her friends,

and on Sunday she wears them to
Didn’t hardly expect that one.
. . !  Did you?
At church last week the preacher
“Judge Not – lest ye also
be judged!”

aren’t you glad that just because it’s Halloween
you didn’t jump to any hasty conclusions
about my friend Broomhilda? She’s really the sweetest
little old thing!
She just dro pped by to wish you a safe and blessed 

see ya soon