Thanks for dropping by. I love your visits

But something is seriously broken in the comments section of the site.

Would you be so kind as to try leaving a comment on this post? And if it isn’t working go to Contentment Cottage on Facebook and let me know what you experienced.

Thanks for your help.

see ya soon

13 thoughts on “help ! please

  1. Thanks for asking Joy ! You can subscribe to the “Contentment Cottage Feed” at and get notifications whenever something new is posted on the Blog.

    This is a Divine confirmation for me that pulling back from Facebook and putting my time and energy in a more positive place was indeed God’s instructions.


  2. I have enjoyed your posts on Facebook immensely. They never fail to show me there continue to be wonderful, right-side-up things in this upside-down world. 🍁


    1. Oooo. Thank you Donna. Now that I’ve got the Blog working again I’ll try to meld the two – Contentment Cottage on Facebook and here at the Blog to encourage those who follow the Cottages.. ❤


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