it’s fun again!

A day to remember.


After months of wrestling with the settings and situations on the Blog where I’ve written  our story since 2012 I am finally, at long last, satisfied with what’s happening. New Beginnings can be a huge blessing!

In actuality was first uploaded in November of 1996 but there have been so many changes and updates that I did a reboot to Contentment Cottage six years ago just to clean things up. If you’re interested The Story  page will give you a bit more information about us; who we are and our online history.

I’ve got to tell you that moving six years worth of posts, pictures, and all, has some hiccups. I’m still sorting them out. But, for the most part, Contentment Cottage on WordPress is absolutely worthwhile.

I hope you all will drop by often, look around a bit and let me know if you find something you like. Your reactions are what makes blogging fun and it’s been a long while since things worked as expected.

Blogging is FUN again!

see ya soon

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“…be content with what you have. For God has said, “I will never, never fail you nor forsake you.” _Hebrews 13:5 TLB

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