Grace and peace on this lovely Saturday morning Dear Hearts ❤️

As our world changes moment by moment I am reminded of my friends who are “out there” working to make us all safer:

🌺 {Bridget Allen, who posted “Hey guys keep me in prayer..gonna be drawing blood for ER patients out front of the hospital alone in a tiny shed next week! I will being wearing protective gear of course. Keep prayers coming for all the medical staff that have to come in direct contact with possible infected patients and the patients needs prayer too! Anyway prayers for the whole Corona carnival we have set up outside the hospital. Thank you!} AND

🌷 Valarie Solorio who is working at the Rescue Mission serving food to the homeless. AND

🌼 Brandi Greenmyer, who works at Home Depot and asked for prayer in light of the rude and often offensive comments made by consumers. “We’re just the cashier,” she said. “… please don’t yell at us because we don’t have what you need! Cashiers are cashiers we don’t order, we are not in charge of departments, we are CASHIERS! We just take your money and tell you to have a good day and thank you!

❤️Today I am reminded to THANK God for His love and protection in my life, and ASK God for His goodness and mercy in their lives, regardless of what they may or may not believe.

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