inspirational thoughts


Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am. 

Philippians 4:12-13 MSG

Grace and peace on this Wonderful Wednesday dear Hearts. ❤

This morning I found myself needing an attitude check. For the second time in a row my answer to a simple question was…”whatever.” Not so much the word, more the tone. Not at all the person I desire to be.

As I reflected on that attitude the excuses started bubbling to the surface, and I thought about saying something along those lines. Then The Spirit reminded of Paul’s message to the Philippians. Being crabby, cranky and cross could, perhaps, be justified by having spent the past six or so weeks feeling rotten, and not feeling all that perky this morning either. But, acting ugly toward the one person who has never offered me anything but love has NO excuses. Forgive me my husband. Forgive me Lord!

As so often happens, The Spirit led me to search for “whatever” in my Bible app. Here’s what I was given:

I’m feeling terrible—I couldn’t feel worse! Get me on my feet again. You promised, remember? When I told my story, you responded; train me well in your deep wisdom. Help me understand these things inside and out so I can ponder your miracle-wonders. My sad life’s dilapidated, a falling-down barn; build me up again by your Word. Barricade the road that goes Nowhere; grace me with your clear revelation. I choose the true road to Somewhere, I post your road signs at every curve and corner. I grasp and cling to whatever you tell me; God, don’t let me down! I’ll run the course you lay out for me if you’ll just show me how.

Psalm 119:25-32 MSG

So, this morning King David’s prayer becomes my own. “I’ll run the course you lay out for me if you’ll just show me how.” Thank you Lord.

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