hello March !

Hooray!  The first of March.  Spring!  A couple of weeks of shamrocks and leprechauns!

We finally got a good study, soaking rain last night after weeks of below normal rainfall.  Looking east, the Sierra Mountain Range is not white as it is supposed to be in March.  It is blue! That means almost no snow.  No snow means a dry summer.  Not looking forward to watering restrictions or endless “warnings.”  The only solution?  Pray for rain and snow this month and next – and lots of it.The past few weeks have been spent writing – not here – and just keeping up with stuff in general.  Even though I started 2012 with good intentions when it comes to posting here regularly, it seems the best laid plans….  I’ve learned it simply is not possible for me to write here and write seriously at the same time.  I know there are some writer’s blogs I follow where there’s a new post every day and “a new book in the works.”  I don’t know how they do it and keep house and home together at the same time.

When I write and blog, nothing gets done outside the computer. Then I get, “Hey, you’re retired. Remember?”

That means you may not see me here, my new book is almost ready to publish, and Papa D gets a meal and some face time.  Priorities!  Gotta set some and then stick to ‘em.

Don’t give up on me.

see ya soon


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  1. I miss your Newsletter Notes from Nanna. They were such a peaceful respite from a hectic world, taking me back to days and wisdoms shared by my grandmother. You have a real talent for creating that world where goodness and gentleness matters. So many children now days have never experienced it. You remind us that these qualities are still valid. Please consider reviving your newsletter. It is truly missed.

    Thanks for keeping your website. Even with the radical changes in others, there is still a place for the wisdom you share with us.


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