March came in like a lamb…you know what that means.  Out like a lion!

Today is another cold, gray day.  Nothing like the 70 degree days we enjoyed the last two weeks of February. The sun peeked out for a minute or two, then the clouds closed up and it’s winter again.  The old joke applies here:  If you don’t like our spring weather, wait ten minutes.  It will change.

Just enough time between mini-seasons for Kai Li and me to go out in the garden and capture some spring images. She loves to spend time in the garden, too.  So many smells to smell and sights to see.  Only problem…she’s a dust-mop. And that means picking off the leaves and twigs before we can go back in the house.

Spring is indeed here, if you believe the plants.

The Chinese Fringe Flower is luxuriant this year.  I absolutely love its rich fuchsia  against the “color of rain” cottage siding.

The Pink Camellia Bonsai will be 20 years old this spring. So pretty right now, basking in the light. We had the trees trimmed in February so it will be getting more sunlight this summer than it has for the past few years.  Hope it likes the change.

In the herb beds, the Rosemary standard turns into a bee magnet. The Meyer Lemon (leaves in front) will be in bloom in another couple of weeks, too.

We planted lettuce, tomatoes, beans, radishes and green onions several days ago, when the mid-day temps were reaching the low 70’s.  Who knows, they may follow the lead of these beauties.  I’ll let you know how that works out.

While I was working on this post, the sun came back. So…I’m headed for the front porch to enjoy it.  It’s warm and bright out there.  Maybe I’ll sew.  Or read.  Anything but computer.  I’ve been in front of the computer enough this year. 🙂

see ya soon