I LOVE California!  I love the luxury of walking out my back door and picking a big, fat, juicy pink grapefruit for breakfast. I love the sunny days, and the foggy days.  I love spring in February and little or no violent weather. I love the fact that this truly is “the land of milk and honey.”

I continually remind myself of these things. When the headlines announce there has been another gang-related shooting at the local mall, I remind myself why I love California. When I go shopping and an unhappy clerk gives off attitude like a stench, I remind myself why I love California. When I see pictures of small towns in the east or mid-west my imagination takes over and I have to remind myself what winters and summers are like in those climates – compared to the California I love.

Can you say, “bloom where you’re planted?”

Why do you think I call this page “Contentment Cottage?”

Because I LOVE grapefruit for breakfast.

And, I LOVE the bouquet of Paper-White Narcissus Papa picked from under the oak across the lane to decorate our breakfast table.  Because there isn’t another place on earth more perfectly suited for us right now.

Hope you’re spending this Saturday in PEACE in a place you LOVE, too.

see ya soon