odds n' ends

winter’s back !

We spent yesterday in the garden. The sun was warm – 70 plus – and it was spring.  Planted some marigolds. Moved the Meyer Lemon, the Lime and four miniature roses.  The citrus are in BIG pots – no small feat to move ‘em.  Pulled the lemon out of its pot, moved the pot to a new location, added a couple bags of fresh “super-soil” and put the plant back in the pot.  Grow.  Grow!  GRoooW.

The mini-roses have been shaded by the gardenias and were not doing well at all.  Hopefully their new home in the sun will produce more flowers.  Their tiny buds are so precious and dry perfectly to go in winter arrangements and potpourri.

Today it is cold and gray again.  Winter is back. There’s rain in the forecast and a cold wind is driving drifts of snowy white blossom petals across the lane.  At times it looks like a blizzard is blowing past the windows.  A great day to stay inside and sew or draw.

Hope your day is cozy and what ever you do you’ll have some FUN