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grosbeak bath

Our garden bird bath is a source of ever-changing, ever-entertaining delight.  It sets just off the front steps, surrounded by sedum, soaking up full sun most of the day. The branches of the guava and the fence offer protection for passing visitors. The constantly running water is simply too inviting to pass up.

And so, we have an abundance of local residents (doves, mocking birds, scrub jays, sparrows and humming birds) who come for a bath an a drink several times a day.  We also get seasonal visitors (gold finches, purple finches, stripe-topped  sparrows, brewer’s blackbirds, waxwings and others – too numerous to list). The real show – the most exciting show – comes when a traveling visitor stops by for a drink and a bath. Today it was a Black-headed Grosbeak.  His color caught D’s eye and I ran for the camera! We watched him play in the deep end of the pool for perhaps five minutes.  Shooting through the porch window (which is not exactly sparkling clean at the moment) gave us some interesting shots of this guy’s ablutions.

He only hopped out occasionally to check out the surroundings.  Birds are cautious that way.

Then back underwater he went to splash like a kid at play.  See the sparkling water drops fly? He’s in there, I promise, even though his coloring is so like the Terracotta tray and rocks he’s perfectly camouflaged. Birds are safer that way.  It’s just a coincidence, of course.

At last he hopped back up on the rocks, shook enough water off to fly to the guava tree and dry a bit before he continued his migratory journey to … wherever. These precious little moments are gifts.

Thank God for the gift of today.

see ya soon