It’s amazing the changes a week away can bring about in a high summer California garden. So we spent this morning reclaiming the fort.

D mowed the grass. It was TALL ! And thick!

Kai Li checked out all of the places Will and Sugar had been as they cared for the plants. She’s not accustomed to smelling another fur person in her space. Will (our neighbor who played care-taker while we were away) did a great job. Everything was perfect – exactly as we left it on the 12th.  Thanks so much, Will. Oh, and you too Sugar. 🙂

I swept the paths, watered and washed off the patios. Apparently someone mowed the dry meadow across the lane while we were away, kicking up clouds of dust, most of which settled on our place.  Not a big deal – just needed a bath.

Now everything’s bright and shiny again. And as usual, when we were finished we sat in the shade and congratulated each other on the amazing and beautiful blessings we find here.

Hope your day is blessed and beautiful, too.