taco bowls

Saturday Night Fast Food

I found this cool idea in cyberspace awhile back and thought it would be great for holding our quick and easy taco salad. Last night was one of those “what do you want to eat? I’ve run out of ideas” nights. Then I remembered these.

Here’s what I came up with:

Tortilla Bowls:

four flour tortillas –  placed in the spaces of an upside down muffin pan (see above)
Bake at 350° F. until lightly browned and crisp. You can use corn tortilla, too.

Taco Salad Filling:

Brown 3/4 lb. of lean ground beef, crumbled and seasoned with a couple tablespoons of Picante Sauce and salt.  Use the heat level you like here, and serve the remaining sauce as a side.

Prepare enough of the following  ingredients to fill four taco bowls:
Shredded Lettuce
Chopped Tomato
Chopped Avocado
Grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Plate two bowls per serving, layering the lettuce, meat, tomato, avocado and finally cheese.  Serve with lime wedges and a small side of sour cream.

They’re good.  They’re quick.  And, you can dress them up or down depending on your taste.  Saturday night supper with no muss and no fuss.  We like that!

Hope you enjoy ’em, too.  Let me know what you think.