odds n' ends


We’re back, after a lovely week of just doing nothing special.
Now…as summer
wends its way
softly into September,
and Autumn approaches,
can school days be far away?
Oh, I do hope you enjoy the anticipation of returning to learning, as I always have. Getting ready to go Back to School was always one of my favorite occupations.

I love to learn new things, but perhaps even more than I love learning… I love new crayons! I love crisp white pages in a brand new binder, waiting to be filled with words! I love pens and pencils and the way they fit in my hand and fill my mind with imaginings of the words I might write, if I choose!

I love the thought of seeing friends who have been away from me all summer long. How I have missed them! Have they changed and grown as much as me, I wonder.

You might say, “Oh, Nana! You’re too old to be going back to school!” But let me assure you that one never grows too old to learn, to love new crayons or to miss absent friends. If I might return to school today, to sit in class and learn, to offer my thoughts on important subjects or write words that could someday make a difference, it would be a comfort and bring such joy to me.

Oh, if I could just return to school,
and only be as old as you,
but know the stuff that I know now,
what wonderful things I’d try to do… Wow!